Rommel and Kirsten Ladera
SMU Ballroom Coaches
Studio: Rhythm on Fire
Dances Taught: Standard & Latin Dances in both the International and American Styles

Rommel and Kirsten were active members of their respective collegiate ballroom dance teams competing for the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. After graduating, each moved to Dallas and met at a ballroom dance event in the metroplex. In the fall of 1995, Kirsten and Rommel were instrumental in the re-establishment of the SMU Ballroom Dance Club. Subsequently they began a dance partnership and spent several years competing on the amateur circuit.

In 1999, Rommel and Kirsten married and now have three children, who also dance and compete. In the summer of 2008, SMU Ballroom members expanded the existing program, creating a competitive team with Rommel as head coach. Rommel & Kirsten’s longstanding friendship and collaboration with the SMU Ballroom continues today. The competitive ballroom dance team at SMU maintains its status as one of the leading collegiate ballroom dance teams in the state.

In addition to coaching and instructing, The Laderas are Directors of Ballroom Dance at the Dance Institute of Dance and continue to compete with their students on the Pro/Am circuit. With more than 20 years of dancing under their feet, they look forward to many more years of supporting and guiding the growth and development of successful ballroom dance programs in the area.