Shelby Stanfield

Majors: Mechanical Engineering, Math
Minors: Sport Management, Photography
Favorite Dances: Waltz, Quickstep, Cha-Cha
Organizations: Ballroom Dance, Theta Tau, Lyle Ambassadors, Mustang Heroes
Why Ballroom: It's a great way to get away from the stress of school and meet new people! Plus, you get to learn how to dance!

Anna Sobchak
Vice President

Daniel Muehring

Majors: Management Science, Economics
Favorite Dances: Cha-Cha, Tango
Organizations: Ballroom Dance, Theta Tau, Honors Program, Peer Academic Leader
Why Ballroom: It's a great way to meet new people and relax!
Describe yourself. Cheerful, Passionate, Observant

Natalie Miller
Social Chair

Kayla Goldberg
Team Captain

Anne Hart

Major: English, Sociology
Favorite Dances: All Latin (especially Samba), Waltz
Organizations: Armstrong Commons Council, Ballroom Dance
Why Ballroom: Ballroom for life because the people are amazing, intelligent, and kind. Let's not also mention that it is a great way to let your inner sparkle out.
Describe yourself. Passionate, Innovative, Sparkly

Mickey Saloma
Faculty Advisor
Mickey Saloma was born in Pamplona, Spain, grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He found his way to Texas in 1994 when he decided to attend Texas A&M University. He has worked for 12 years in higher education and is currently the the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention here at the SMU Lyle School of Engineering.

Married to a native Texan, Mickey is the proud father of two little boys. He loves the Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Cardinals, and Spain's National Soccer Team (La Furia Roja). His hobbies include studying the chronology of the Pharaohs, the geography of the brain, and the history of early Hungarian cabinet making.