Thursday, August 15, 2013

19 Reasons to Join Ballroom

1.     Meet new friends of all different grades and majors that you might not meet otherwise.

2.     It’s good exercise, but is so fun it doesn’t even seem like work! Fast dances like the Jive, Chacha, and Samba can burn around 400 calories per hour! Your leg muscles will look better than ever before J

3.     Better Posture and Balance.

4.     We all need an opportunity to de-stress built into our demanding college schedules. Dancing is proven to reduce stress.

5.     (For the guys) there are plenty of ladies!

6.     You get to travel around Texas (and sometimes beyond!) competing against other collegiate dancers - Rice, U of H, UT, A&M, and more!

7.     (For the girls) You get to wear gorgeous ball gowns

8.     You are learning a skill that can be used socially at weddings, parties, salsa clubs, and more. This allows you to show off a bit if you’re so inclined.  Gone are the days of being a wallflower because you “can’t dance,” now you have a new way to meet all kinds of interesting people.

9.     (For the girls) If you don’t feel comfortable walking in heels, you will after you’ve been in ballroom for a semester.

10.  You get to learn more than 10 different dances over the course of the year at a fraction of the price a dance studio would charge.

11.  Ballroom dancing lowers the risk of memory-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia by 73%!

12.  Dancing with a partner will improve your communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.  And your dance partner will quite possibly become one of your closest friends.

13.  Increased self-confidence

14.  You (girls and guys alike) will get so comfortable asking people to dance.

15.  You get to enjoy some acting as you learn to morph your persona to fit the personality of each dance: The seductive tango, the romantic rumba, the party feel of the samba, the fight of the paso doble, etc.

16.  You can be competitive! A little healthy competition can be invigorating. There is an active competitive circuit at all levels from newcomer to professional- it can give you something to look forward to and work toward.

17.  It has charming aspects from days long gone. A man offers his hand to the lady he would like to dance with, and then escorts her onto the dance floor. The man leads the dance and the woman follows. At the end of the dance he may dip her or spin her out to present her to the audience.

18.  You can do it all over the world

19.  It’s fun! Whatever level of dancing you achieve you will have fun; dancing makes you feel alive and you can’t help but smile.

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