Heather Smith

Majors: History, International Studies
Minors: Art History, Italian Area Studies, Medieval Studies
Favorite Dances: Quickstep, Samba
Other Organizations: Italian Club
Fun Fact: I have ridden on a sled pulled by huskies in Alaska!

Jean Kim
Vice President

Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry, Psychology, Japanese
Favorite Dances: V. Waltz, Tango, Samba, Jive, Paso Doble
Other Organizations: SMU Judo Club, Japanese Cultural Club, Mustang Heroes, Alternative Breaks, Chemistry Lab Assistant
Fun Fact: I am a potato.
Why ballroom? Ballroom is an essential part of my life. It has not only taught me technical skills (balance, coordination, timing), but also practical skills (socialization, communication, dedication) that I can extend to other areas of my life. Plus, everyone is super fun, and I get to spend my Tuesday/Thursday nights having a ball(room)!

Meredith Burke

Majors: Mechanical Engineering, Art, Math
Favorite Dance: Jive and Swing!! Foxtrot and Waltz
Other Organizations: Hilltop Motorsports, SMU Marching Band, Gamma Phi, SMU Mustang Rocketry Club
Fun Fact: My birthday is on pi day, March 14 (3.14)
Why Ballroom? To say it succinctly, I love everything about SMU ballroom. I sincerely love to dance (if there's music playing, I will be dancing, probably poorly?) and love the people. My day always becomes a little bit brighter after dancing either at practice, Sons of Hermann, or competition. I couldn't imagine my college experience without it!

Melina Corriveau
Event Coordinator

Majors: Biochemistry, Psychology
Minors: Cognitive Science
Favorite Dances: Cha Cha, Quickstep
Other Organizations: Journal of Undergraduate Research, Biology Lab Assistant
Fun Fact: I'm so Texan I own three pairs of cowboy boots.

Sean Griffith

Majors: Physics, Political Science
Minors: Law and Legal Reasoning
Favorite Dance: Rumba
Other Organizations: TEDxSMU
Why ballroom? I love the people and the sparkly dresses!

Image may contain: Stejara Iulia Dinulescu, smiling
Stejara Dinulescu
Team Captain

Majors: Studio Art, Psychology, Creative Computing
Favorite Dances: Rumba, Samba, Bachata, Salsa
Other Organizations: Student Art Association, SMU Honors Program

Fun Fact: I like vampires.

Natalie Miller
Team Captain

Majors: Music Education, Biology
Favorite Dances: Quickstep, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing
Other Organizations: Theta Tau Professional Fraternity, SMU Catholic Campus Ministry, Young Music Educators Association, Loyd Leadership Team
Why ballroom? Some people I had just met dragged me to a ballroom practice, and I surprised myself by actually enjoying it.

Mickey Saloma
Faculty Advisor

Mickey Saloma was born in Pamplona, Spain, grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He found his way to Texas in 1994 when he decided to attend Texas A&M University. He has worked for 12 years in higher education and is currently the the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention here at the SMU Lyle School of Engineering.

Married to a native Texan, Mickey is the proud father of two little boys. He loves the Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Cardinals, and Spain's National Soccer Team (La Furia Roja). His hobbies include studying the chronology of the Pharaohs, the geography of the brain, and the history of early Hungarian cabinet making.