Why Ballroom

Reasons to join SMU Ballroom
  • You will be a member of a close knit community that loves to dance and have fun.
  • You will never again feel awkward like you did at those high school dances.
  • Our classes cover a variety of styles of ballroom dance starting from the beginner level.
  • You can experience ballroom dance in a social atmosphere, under the instruction of dancers who are highly skilled and love what they do.
  • We hold on-campus dances each semester to show off what you've learned and enjoy yourself on the dance floor.
  • We make regular outings to experience ballroom dance in the Dallas community
  • There are opportunities to compete, perform, and social dance on and off campus.
  • Annual membership dues are lower than the price of one class at an outside studio.

Words from our Ballroom family
"I switched my pointe shoes out for heels freshman year and never looked back."
-Olivia Neilands, Team Co-Captain

"I always thought that I was too busy to get involved in SMU ballroom, but after I got a taste of the experience, I made time."
-Luke Baker, SMU alum

“SMU Ballroom is a family filled with amazing, supportive people. It is experience that you'll keep with you for life."
- Crystal Chen, SMU alum

"I love ballroom because it gives you a chance to express yourself in a new way."
- Clara Lemon, SMU alum

"I wanted to be able to dance like a princess and Antonio's partner from the intro tango of Take the Lead."
- Elisa Farrell, SMU alum and Assistant Coach

"It's more fun than real exercise."
- Jason Stegall, SMU alum and Assistant Coach